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😟 Your physical card is activated but doesn't work

Check your card details to understand why your card doesn't work after activation.

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After activating a card on your Card tab, you will need to check how much money is loaded and available on your card.

Check your funds

Since some Spendesk cards are prepaid / preloaded cards, your card needs to be loaded with the right amount of money beforehand.

To check your card balance, head over to the Card tab in the Spendesk mobile app, or the desktop interface.


If your card is empty or doesn't have enough funds, you can request a top-up: depending on your spending policy, your card may be immediately topped up, or you will have to wait for your request to be approved by an Admin.

PIN issues

If you have tried to type an incorrect PIN 3 times (it doesn't have to be the same day) without a successful attempt in between, your chip is blocked - we need to reorder a card for you, or you can type the right pin in an ATM, sometimes it's enough to unblock your chip. Let us know if you have a doubt!

Check if the merchant is accepting your card

The merchant (in a shop or online) might not be accepting your type of card : prepaid, debit, foreign (our European cards are issued in the UK)...

The set-up of his POS might also be wrong. You can read our dedicated article on the subject 😊 !

If, despite all these efforts, the card is still not working, please contact us via the Need Help? button located in the top right-hand corner of the interface.

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