Find your dashboard on the interface

It's the automatic welcome screen for Controllers and Account owners.
From any tab, click on the Spendesk logo (top right corner) to go back.

Dashboard features

Expenses management

🤓 Your dashboard has your back on :
- the detail of funds available or loaded on cards.
- Your company's expenses in the past months.

1. By clicking on "View wallet details" (under the available funds), you have access to the detail of :
- available funds.
- Amounts loaded on cards (virtual or physical).
- Pending transactions.

👓 You also have access from your Parameters > Your account tab.

🗝 Read our article about understanding your wallet breakdown and logic behind the cards' load.

2. Under available funds on your dashboard, you'll find an analysis of your company's expenses in the last months.


1. Have a quick look at the payments with missing receipts and payments to prepare for export, with a direct link to each category.

2. On this recap, you can see all payments with missing receipts since the beginning of your use of Spendesk.

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