Teams were designed to dispatch approval between team approvers. You can create and manage teams (as below), and set up an approval policy. This is a different feature from our Budgets & Cost Centers feature.

  1. Create a team

  2. Invite or allocate a member to a team

  3. All about permissions

  4. Create an approval flow

  5. Delete a team

Create a team

  • First of all, head over to Settings > Members > Teams > Create a new Team.

  • Type in the name of the team and assign a or several team manager(s). They'll be able to see all of their team members' payments.

  • Add one or several approvers: they'll be able to approve their team members' payments. A team manager can be an approver and vice-versa.

  • You should be able to add new members to the team you've created.

Invite or allocate a member to a team

Invite a member in several teams

A single member can be part of several teams at once. To set this up, simply click on the Settings > Members tab, select one member in the recap tab and then Edit profile > Teams. You can tick more than one team.

Allocate a team to a member or a member to a team

If you've created teams before inviting members, don't worry you can still allocate new members in teams directly from Settings > Members if you need to:

  • either by inviting new members on Spendesk by clicking on Invite new members.

  • Or, by adding one or several teams to existing members, from the Members tab, select one member in the recap tab and then Edit profile > Teams. You can tick more than one team.

All about Permissions

Spendesk's permissions are specific authorizations given by an Administrator or Account Owner to a member, irrespective of their role.

There are two kinds of authorizations at the team level:

  • A team manager can see all his/her team's payments

  • A team approver can approve all requests from his/her team according to his/her related thresholds.

If needed, one member can have both authorizations and be team manager and team approver for the same or different teams.

Each member that is part of a team has an approval policy previously allocated by an administrator or account owner. According to their approval policy (per transaction/per month), their requests will be approved according to the approval flow in place within their team.

Keep in mind:

These two permissions are different from Spendesk roles that allow access to specific features of the platform.

Create an approval flow

After you've created a team, chosen one or several Team Managers, and added members in this team, you will be able to add Team Approvers within this team with their own approval limit.

Add approvers

You can have as many approvers as you want in each team, and can select the amount up to which they can approve requests.

Add a threshold

You can either add an approver for the same threshold (add approver) or for a different threshold (click on "Add a threshold", then select the approvers).

Add approvers on different thresholds for different amounts

In the following example, a first approver approves the requests up to a certain amount (<1500), a second approver approves the requests above that amount (>1500).

Add approvers between two approval amounts

Add several approvers on a threshold (any of them can approve)

Add a multi-step approval flow

Delete a team

To delete a team, simply go to Settings > Members > Teams > The team you want to delete > Delete this team (red link at the bottom of the pop-up).

After this, its members will not be able to select this team anymore when making an expense. The managers won't be able to see payments made by the team and approvers won't need to approve members' requests.

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