Your Account Owner or your Account Administrator has invited you to join Spendesk: welcome on board!

There are two possibilities to sign up, either your Administrator has shared an invitation link with you, either you've been invited with your email address.

Choose how you want to log in :

This will be your only way to log in in the future.

👉🏻 For example: if you choose Google authentication when logging in, you will not be able to log in with a password next time!

Fill/edit your profile information.

  • Edit your information (name, phone number...) to be able to use your plastic card if you have one - if you do, you'll find it on the interface's Cards tab.

  • Do not forget to add your last name, otherwise you will not be able to generate a virtual card.

  • You can fill your bank information if your company has activated reimbursement via XML SEPA file (only SEPA network).

🔍 If you have trouble logging in, send a message to our support team with a short screen recording of what happens when you try to log in, or a screenshot of the error message that you encounter.

For now, it is not possible to create an account from the mobile app although you can log in effortlessly after editing your profile information.

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