This accounting automation feature (or expenses auto-categorization) is only available for Standard plans and can be set up by Account owners or Controllers. Get in touch with your dedicated Customer account manager to learn more or set up accounting automation on Spendesk.

How does the Expenses Auto-categorization feature work?

When you make a payment, merchants send a unique transaction code to Spendesk.

In returns, our algorithms map this code to one of Spendesk's 19 pre-defined payment categories.

By mapping your custom expense accounts to the payment categories, Spendesk can automatically pre-fill the expense account to all the payments you'll be reviewing.

⚠️ It doesn't work with supplier invoices or expense claims as we need to receive the merchant's code to process the categorization.

Let's take an example!

You have an expense account called Flights that you set up in the accounting section of Spendesk. Spendesk has a payment category called Airlines. Therefore you decide to link your Flights expense account to Spendesk Airlines category in your expense accounts chart. Now the magic can happen!

One of your employees bought a ticket on Air France and you are reviewing this payment line on Spendesk. We have pre-filled the expense account Flights because we recognized - thanks to the merchands' code - that it was a payment for a flight.

👉 Set up accounting automation on your account.

Our 19 categories

  • Advertising

  • Airlines

  • Car Rental

  • Commuting

  • Computing & Software

  • Entertainment & Wellness

  • Furnishing

  • Gas/Fuel

  • Government services

  • Groceries

  • Hotels

  • Mail & postal services

  • Meals

  • Other

  • Other business services

  • Other goods

  • Other travel expenses

  • Taxi

  • Utilities

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