This tutorial is aimed at Controllers and Account owners. Get in touch with your Customer Success manager or our Care Team to activate Xero feature on your account if not done already.

Create a Spendesk bank account in Xero

If you haven't already done it in Xero, you first need to create a new bank account for your Spendesk account.

  • In Xero, navigate to Accounting > Advanced > Chart of accounts
  • Click on "Add bank account"
  • Then, enter "Spendesk" (or any name that makes sense to you) in the search bar.
  • By default, there shouldn't be any known result. Click on "Add it anyway":

Finally, enter the details of this account:

  • Choose the account name
  • Select the "Other" Account Type
  • Fill in the Account Number field and pick the correct currency: head to Settings > Your Wallet > Bank details on Spendesk to get the right information.

⚠️ Your loads to Spendesk are not automatically pushed to Xero. You have to add them manually:
1. Download your account statement (Settings > Your Wallet > Account Statements) in .csv and in Xero, upload it in your Spendesk bank account via the "upload bank statement" button.

2. Still in Xero, head to your wire transfer page and link the wire transfer to your Spendesk bank account.

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