This tutorial is aimed at Controllers and Account owners. You cannot push your payments to Xero if you have not set up your account beforehand.

Once your payments are prepared and marked as ready, you can push them to Xero instead of exporting your purchase journal manually. Go to "Payments > Export".

⚠️ If any error occurred, please refer to the Troubleshooting and error messages section of this tutorial.

Push your expenses one by one

If you only have a handful of expenses to push to Xero, you can manually click on the "Push to Xero" button and your payment moves to "Payments > Exported".

Push your expenses in bulk

If you're doing your monthly / quarterly / annual accounting closure, you may have hundreds of payments to review, validate, and push to Xero. Click on the Export button on the top right side of your page. Select the period to export and hit the button. All your payments move from "Export" to "Exported".

Protips when pushing your expenses

Expense manually added to Xero

If you have manually added your payment in Xero, you can mark it as accounted on Spendesk and we consider it as exported. To do so, click on the 3 dots ... button, and then on "If you manually added..."

View expense details when pushed

Head to "Payments > Exported", click on your expense and on "Click here to view it". It opens your Xero account and you get all the information related to your expense.

Delete an expense from Xero

Head to "Payments > Exported", click on your payment and select "Delete from Xero".

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