Preparing the expenses for the export

After authenticating with DATEV and correctly setting-up the required accounting information in the 'Settings > Accounting' page, now comes the time to prepare the expenses for the upcoming monthly closing. In the 'Payments > Prepare' page, review the expenses that you'd like to export (choose the right expense account, VAT information, Invoice ID, verify the receipt etc.).
NB: you can export payments without receipts to DATEV.

After using the 'Mark as ready' action located in the bottom of the middle panel, your expenses will be validated and are now ready to be exported.

Exporting the expenses

NB: only invoices can be exported in the invoice currency instead of the wallet's currency. 🚨

After navigating to the 'Payments > Export' page, choose the period that you'd like to export to DATEV. Spendesk will tell you if some expenses have already been exported to DATEV for this period, so you don't end up exporting them twice.

After hitting the 'Export to DATEV' button and confirming the export, Spendesk will tell you that your export is currently being processed.

Depending on the number of selected expenses and their receipts, it could take a couple of minutes to process. Once finished, you'll receive an in-application and email notification.

Seeing what has been exported

After being informed by Spendesk that your export succeeded, you'll be able to see which expenses have already been exported to DATEV. If you select a period in which some expenses have already been exported and click on the 'view' action located in the blue notification, you'll see a list of already exported expenses. When opening their respective detail panels, you'll see a blue message that indicates when this expense was exported, and by whom:

Similarly, you can see the same information when navigating to the 'Payments > Exported' tab:

In DATEV Unternehmen Online, you can access your expenses by going to the Documents section. Spendesk expenses will be shown in the 'Alle Belege' section:

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