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Play by the Rules is available on all billing plans.

As an admin or account owner, this feature allows you to set a maximum time limit to provide the receipts and the maximum number of overdue receipts allowed before the user is blocked for any card use (physical or single-use virtual). These restrictions will encourage users to provide their receipts on a regular basis.

In addition to a Spending policy, you can now add control after payment and be legally compliant.

It is possible to set a rule on receipts to Requesters and Account owners as well.

How to start using Play by the Rules?

Head over to Settings > Members > Rules and Policies and check the Standard Control Rule.

This pre-existing rule sets that the user has 7 days to provide the receipt (after this delay, the receipt will be late) and has a maximum of 5 receipts late. If this limit is reached, the user won't be able to generate new virtual cards and use their physical card. The user can unlock himself by providing one or several late receipts.

We have pre-selected these parameters because they have been efficient on several organisations to install good habits without blocking the user too often but you can always edit it to adapt it to your situation.

To have this rule running on your account, assign users to this rule by clicking on the rule and selecting the members.

How to create another new rule

Once on your Admin or Account owner account, head over to Settings.

From there, tap Members and Rules and Policies.

To create a new rule, choose Create new rule > Control on receipts.

  • Choose a name for your rule.

  • Add a maximum number of late receipts.

  • Add a maximum number of days to provide those receipts.

  • Select Assign members at the bottom of the pop-up.

  • Select one or several members' names :

  • Click on "Create control rule".

  • All new members on this rule will be notified by email.

Edit a rule

To edit a rule,

  • click on Settings.

  • Choose Members.

  • Go to Rules and policies.

  • Click on the rule you want to edit, for example "Play by the rules".

    Note that editing a rule can end up blocking a user.

  • You can either edit the rule itself:

  • or the members attached to this rule.

When editing a rule, all members under the rule will receive an email notification:

Assign a custom rule to a member

You can assign a custom control rule to a member if necessary and edit it at any time. Let' say you have one user with a very specific situation, you can create a specific control rule for this user.

  • Go to Settings.

  • Choose Members.

  • Pick the member in question.

  • Click on Edit profile.

  • Choose a custom rule or your new rule.

How does it work for the user

Requester Dashboard

On their dashboard, Requesters have an overview of payments with missing receipts.

They see payments in different colors depending on their status: still in the timeframe, soon late or late.

If they've reached their limit of late receipts, then they will lose access to their Physical and Virtual cards, they can unblock themselves by providing the receipts.

Please note that existing subscription cards will keep running.


Requesters will be warned when they are about to be blocked with an email notification, mobile notification (if they have downloaded the mobile app) and Slack notification if they have linked their Spendesk account to Slack.

They will also be notified when they are blocked so that they can immediately unblock themselves by uploading their receipts.

Follow the status of receipts in the payments tab and welcome page (Controllers and AOs)

👉🏻 In the Payments tab, 4 colors of receipts now indicate their status:

  • Green for provided.

  • Blue for receipts still in the upload timeframe - the user will probably update them soon.

  • Orange for urgent receipts.

  • Red for late receipts.

👉🏻 On the homepage, Controllers will find a board helping them to keep track of people with late receipts.

What is the difference between a missing receipt and a late receipt?

  • A missing receipt is a receipt that has not been uploaded yet on Spendesk. As soon as the payment appears on the platform, the receipt is considered as missing. It is not particularly worrying because some receipts might arrive a bit later than the transaction (one or two days after). This is why we've introduced the notion of 'late receipt'.

  • A late receipt is a receipt that has not been uploaded by the user during the authorized delay that was initially set up. So if you have set up a delay of 5 days to upload a receipt, a receipt become late on the 6th day. This one requires your attention because it means that the user didn't respect the rules. And if he reaches the maximum number of late receipts that was set up, the user will be blocked.

Play by the rules and subscription cards

This feature does not apply to subscription cards as it might block companies in their tools' everyday use.

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