Only Accounts owners and Team approvers (Standard plans only) can approve or reject card requests. When you are a Team approver, another Team approver receives the notification to approve or deny your expense.

Card generation may be subject to the user's spending policy. In this case, all card requests do not have to be pre-approved.

Approve or reject cards

The account owner or team approver receives an email immediately when a card is requested.

He will then be able to go to the "Requests" tab in order to validate/refuse the requests assigned to him.

Account owners can approve or refuse all requests, while team approvers can only approve those assigned to them.

Leaves or changes in the approval flow (only on the Standard plan)

If the approver has delegated his rights to another user, this second member will be able to approve his requests.

If a request has been submitted before a change in the approval flow, the approver of a request is not updated to match the new flow, and the old approver will have to Accept/Refuse the request.

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