Step 2 : Assign roles to members

You can assign a role to each member.

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What are the different roles?

  • The Account Owner has access to all the features on the platform and their requests are automatically approved. There is only one Owner per account, and they are responsible for approving expenses (on the STARTER billing plan). They are Admin, Controller and Requester at the same time, plus may open entities (if they are also organization owners) and approve wire transfer reimbursements to employees.

  • The Administrator has access to operational settings: they can edit expense policies, invite users, order physical cards for employees, etc. Think of them as an admin help!

  • The Controller has access to accounting features: they can see all requests and payments, the account balance, download exports, set up accounting codes, send reminders for invoices...

  • The Requester can make payments and request card reloads.

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Account Owners and Administrators can also change the role of users once they have been created! However, only an Account Owner can make another user 'Admin'.

To assign roles to members, click Settings > Members > the user you want to edit.

Choose Edit Profile > Roles > the roles you want to assign.

Do your members have the right role now? Great, now you can set up your control rules! 🚀

Step 3: Set up control rules

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