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STARTERS: Set up Spendesk
Set up your company account
Step 3: Set Up Play By The Rules to collect receipts
Step 3: Set Up Play By The Rules to collect receipts

Define a maximum delay to provide a receipt / a maximum number of late receipts!

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As the Account Owner, this feature allows you to set a maximum number of days to provide a receipt and a number of overdue receipts allowed before the user is blocked for any card use (physical or virtual, except for recurring cards which involve a subscription most of the time).

-> These rules will encourage users to submit their receipts on a regular basis.

Once the receipt is submitted, access to the payment methods will be restored.

How to implement a control rule on receipts?

It's already set up for you, go to Settings > Members > Rules & Policies.

Simply edit the policy if needed by clicking on Edit.

Now you don't have to chase after receipts anymore! You can go ahead and define how much autonomy you want to give your employees over their expenses! ⤵️

➡️ Step 4: Set up an approval policy

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