Step 6 : Submit an expense claim

Find out how to submit an expense report on Spendesk, as a Requester or Account Owner.

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Discover now how to submit an expense report and what happens for the validation and payment of this one?

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⚠️ In this video, the "payment via CSV" option is chosen. For CSV and XML methods, a manual action is required at the bank: for CSV, you must create the transfers directly on your company's bank account. For XML you must add the XML file on your bank account and the bank will execute the transfers for you automatically.

As you can see, submitting an expense report is very simple and your finance team can also easily manage their payment.

Before submitting your claim, don't forget to complete your profile and to add your bank details.

  • Click on your avatar in the upper right corner

  • Click on My Profile > Bank Details

👉🏻 For security reasons, once added to your profile, your banking information can only be changed by your Account Owner.

Once submitted by employees, expense reports should be displayed as pending under the Requests tab, unless the employees have an automatic approval policy.

Depending on the approval policy, the employee will have to wait for the approval or rejection of their request by their manager (and will be informed by email). Then, once the validation is done, the finance team will take over for the payment part.

If you need more information about expense reports, you can find the answers to your questions here.

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Step 7 : Supplier invoices feature

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