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📅 Timeline to your transition to our new banking provider, Adyen
📅 Timeline to your transition to our new banking provider, Adyen

Steps to have a seamless transition to our new banking provider.

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This article is part of a collection of articles regarding your transition to our new banking provider, Adyen.

🌟 Prepare your upgrade

Which step?

What should I do?

Which roles?

What will Spendesk do at this stage?

Step 1

Accept the PSP mandate & SFS/BaaS Terms and conditions (estimated time: 5 minutes).

Complete the KYC on Adyen portal.

Prepare your cards’ order.

Account Owners

Review your information.

Ask for your cards' shipping address (there can be various addresses).

Step 2

Fund your new payments account (5 minutes).

Account Owners or Admins

Create your new payment account.

Step 3

Activate your new physical cards.

Renew Subscription cards
and replace card information on merchants' websites for subscriptions (estimated time: 5-15 minutes)

Update your Spendesk account's funding details on your company's bank account.

Account Owners

Communicate regarding your old account's closure.

Wire transfer switch.

Billing switch (more information shared by your CSM).

🌟 Fuel your new payments account

Once this option is available on your transition interface (on Spendesk) you will have two remaining steps. This step will be available starting mid-June.

  • 1️⃣ Choose your funding method

    • Do you want to send a transfer from your usual company bank account?

    • Do you want us to fund your account with the funds available on your old Spendesk bank account?

  • 2️⃣ Copy and paste your new Spendesk bank information onto your company's bank account

    • this allows you to fund your new Spendesk payments account smoothly on your next transfer 🎉 For extra security, delete your old Spendesk account's bank details from your company's bank!

✨ Note that we will recommend a minimum amount to load to cover your expenses.

➡️ Once these steps are completed, we will start initiating the process of suspending your current payment account(s) and blocking all associated cards. You’ll receive additional information on this topic shortly with precise dates, and you’ll have at least 30 days’ notice before we block your account(s) and cards.

🔥 Are there any limits on inbound/outbound transfers?


300k per transaction
500k per month (cumulative amount)

100k per transaction
500k per month (cumulative amount)

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