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Validate 3DS payments with a 'Spendesk Financial Services' VISA card
Validate 3DS payments with a 'Spendesk Financial Services' VISA card

How does 3DS work for online transactions?

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3DS on our Visa Premium Business cards

If your card is issued by Spendesk Financial Services, 3DS works differently than our other cards.

Indeed, it is mandatory to download our Spendesk mobile app as SMS codes are not supported on our new Visa Premium Business cards.

3DS applies to online transactions.

What is strong authentication and what is it used for?

Strong authentication involves the confirmation of at least two authentication factors of different categories from the following three:

i) possession (a key, a cell phone, etc.);

ii) knowledge (a password) and

iii) inherence (a fingerprint).

In the vast majority of cases, strong authentication involves opening the user's online banking mobile application and entering a password (or checking the fingerprint) on a phone previously registered by the account-holding institution.

This method replaces sending an SMS to the cell phone, which fulfills only one of the two criteria if it is not combined with password confirmation.

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