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A payment appeared on a cancelled card, what should I do?
A payment appeared on a cancelled card, what should I do?

Introduction to "offline payments"

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Sometimes we may encounter an “offline transaction” on a card.

This type of transaction does not require 3DS / PIN authorization and it is performed remotely. 🔴

Note that it can happen on cancelled card or cards that are still active.

It can have various explanations, for example :
- A payment was made months ago but the merchant had not “updated” their system or there was a bug, so the transaction only appears today.
- A payment was due to a merchant, but was not done in time (for example, you left the hotel in a hurry and forgot to pay so they manually charge you from their back-office).

- You rented a car and ended up with a fine, so the car rental company charges you a few months later.

In general, this is not fraud, so you can contact the merchant to ask for the receipt if you don’t have it or no longer have it.

Finally, don’t hesitate to look on the supplier's website or in your emails for a receipt (as keyword you can use the supplier name, or the amount or date of the payment for example).

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