📁 Open a new subsidiary

As an organization owner, you'd like to open a subsidiary for your company?

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How do subsidiaries work on Spendesk? 

📂 Opening an account for a different subsidiary will create a new branch supporting a different currency (i.e. EUR €, GBP £, USD $, SEK, NOK, DKK).

How do you open a different Spendesk account for another subsidiary?

🔴 Remember that you need the "organisation owner" rights to perform this. 🔴

There are 2 possibilities:

First option:

🔍Click on the top-left corner of the screen on your entity's name and click on Add a new account.

Other option:

  • Head over to Settings > Billing > Company plan and invoices

  • Click on Add an account

  • Fill out the form with the relevant information linked to your new entity and validate.

💡 Once your new subsidiary is created, you can:  

  • invite new members,

  • Set up their Spendesk policy,

  • Create cost centers and set up approval flows,

  • Set up accounting codes (cost centers, vat accounts, general accounting codes).

💼 Need more information?

Feel free to reach out to your assigned Customer Success manager (or billing team) if you require some assistance: customer@spendesk.com.

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