Steps to close an account

- Email us at or refer to your dedicated customer success manager at Spendesk and let us know which account or entity you'd like to close.

- We will make sure that there aren't any pending transactions or money loaded on cards.

- You will receive a redemption form that you will need to fill, sign, and send back to us.

- This form will enable us to reimburse the amount remaining on your balance.

- Once the account is empty, we will close it.

Can I close an account online?

👉🏻 Unfortunately, we can't offer an online option to close a Spendesk wallet or subsidiary because we need to ensure there aren't any pending transactions or any money still loaded on physical and virtual cards. This is a necessary step to ensure that you get refunded with the right amount of money left on your account.

What if my account is empty?

👨🏻‍💻 If you haven't transferred any money to your account yet, you can contact us at and we will make sure to close the account on your behalf.

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