📝 Set up your company's notifications

Set up email notifications about your company's activity (Account owners and Controllers).

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👨🏻‍💻As a Controller or Account owner, you can set up various types of notifications in your Settings > Company settings > Notifications or My profile > Notifications. 👩🏻‍💻

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Here are the current notifications available in your Settings:

and on My Profile > notifications 😊

Missing receipts

Reminder of missing receipts

Users will receive a weekly recap of payments' missing receipts.
You can set the day and time of the reminder (i.e every Tuesday, 10 AM).

This now only applies to users who are not subject to a spending rule in the Play by the Rules feature. A reminder below ⬇️

Play by the rules

In Play by the Rules, when an Admin creates or edits an existing rule, it will automatically notify by email the members assigned to these rules.

There are two emails sent:

  • One about the creation of the rules

  • One when a rule is edited.


Slack notifications

Click on "Link to Slack" in Notifications to authorize Spendesk to send notifications to your company members.

Once it's done, notifications can be sent through the specific Slack channel of your choice, or with the Slack bot.

Spendesk will have access to your Slack profile information (i.e email, phone number if filled...).
Read our dedicated article on the Slack set-up.

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