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What's the status of the invoice submitted?

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It's very easy to check an invoice's status on Spendesk.

Where to check an invoice's status

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If you can see the invoice on the Requests tab, it means it's either pending approval by an approver, pending reimbursement by the finance team, or denied.

The status will show "To approve/ Approved/ Rejected".

If you've split an invoice's payment in several payments, then part of the invoice's amount might be visible in Payments while the main request still shows in Requests.

If your invoice shows in Payments and not in Requests anymore, it means the supplier has been paid fully.

👉🏻 You can edit your invoice request if it has been rejected for a specific reason.

Cancelling an invoice with status : approved

Go to the Requests tab > All requests and find the invoice to delete.

  • If the invoice has been approved by an approver, it can be deleted.

  • If the invoice has been approved by an approver AND reviewed by Finance teams (Controllers), it cannot be deleted. Your finance team will need to mark the invoice as paid and then delete the invoice from the export before importing the export to the accounting system.

Invoices paid outside of Spendesk

➡️ If your team chose to pay the invoice via XML, make sure that the Controller shares the .xml file with your company's bank for them to initiate the payment.

➡️ If you chose to pay the invoice via a CSV download, make sure you pay the invoice manually from your company's bank.

➡️ If you chose to pay the invoice from Spendesk, make sure to click on 'Pay via Spendesk' on the Invoices > Pay tab.

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