🏷 Bookkeep your invoices
Set up your accounts payable and bookkeep your invoices (Controllers and Account owners) on Bookkeep 2.0
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Interested in managing invoices in Spendesk? Get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success manager to discover how Spendesk can help you streamline this process as well.

Learn to set up your accounts payable and to prepare your invoices for bookkeeping.

Step 1 : Submit and review your invoice

To bookkeep your invoices, you first need to add them to Spendesk, accept the request and review them in Invoices - Review.

You don’t need to mark them as paid to bookkeep them anymore! 🙌🏻

  • Submit an invoice in the Requests > New request > Invoice tab.

  • Wait for its approval (unless it does not require approval).

  • Review it in Invoices - Review. This is where Controllers can check the invoice's fields like the invoice number, issue date, description, supplier, custom fields, amount, and edit the payment schedule before validating.

  • Once reviewed, invoices appear simultaneously in the Invoices > Pay tab and Bookkeep > Prepare tab.

  • An invoice cannot be deleted from Requests if it's been marked as reviewed in Invoices > Review. If a user tries to, he'll get a "0 action successful" error message.

Step 2 : Prepare and export your invoice

Once reviewed in Invoices > Review, invoices are visible both in Invoices > Pay (to mark them as paid) and Bookkeep > Prepare. This enables Controllers and Account owners to bookkeep the payables before the actual payment.

Set up your Accounts Payable

Check our article on the subject 👁 .

Prepare your invoice

  • Make a last check of previously filled information (see above) and add one or several VAT / expense accounts to your invoice's details. 👉🏻 You can use filters (i.e group by supplier / type / period) to make your payables' preparation easier.

  • Mark your invoice as ready to view it in Bookkeep > Export.

Export your invoice

  • Head to Bookkeep > Export and select the accounting period you wish to export.

  • If you notice that an invoice has been sent by mistake to Bookkeep > Export, send your invoice back to Prepare by clicking on "View". Here you have the option to select the invoice and use the Send back to "Prepare" action.

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