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A budget is a financial plan built by the finance team with the contribution of budget owners, for a defined period.

It is meant to best allocate company resources to support strategic objectives.

➡️ The objective? plan how much the company can spend and on what (which cost centers will be impacted).

On Spendesk, you can enter your budgets on the overall of the current year (from 1rst of January to 31rst of December) or on a custom period (less than one year).

You can also choose the granularity with which you wish to communicate on your budgets: by month or on the overall period of your budgetary year.

Define your first budgetary period

If it's your first budget setup: click on Start tracking my budgets on the Budgets welcome page.

  • Enter the name of your budgetary period (example : 2021 - Full year)

  • Choose a budgetary period: current full year or custom period.

    • If you select "custom period" you're able to select a start and end date.

  • Choose the granularity of your budget in the "Budget definition": you can define your budgets monthly or annually.

➡️ To help you define your budgets on your cost centres, you can go to this page.

Create another budgetary exercise

If you wish to create a second budgetary exercise, simply click on the name of your budget year and then click on "Create a new budget exercise".

Please note: you will not be able to create a budgetary exercise based on the same dates as another budgetary exercise!

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