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➗ Expense categories and setup
➗ Expense categories and setup

Track the nature of costs directly from Spendesk!

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Expense categories are defined in Settings>Custom fields>Categories. They are linked to the Budgets feature. These categories aim to help you track the nature of costs.

Admins can add, edit or delete values to Expense Categories.

Add a value : click on "Add a category"

Edit a value : click on the pen tool

Delete a value : click on the bin icon

If there is at least one value in the expense category, the field appears in all requests.

By default, the field is mandatory to fill for Requesters but of course it's possible to make it optional (you can ask Support teams or your account manager).

Expense categories and export

Expense categories are exported along with the payable, from the Export tab or in the export that you can download from All Payables page.

Edit an expense category on a payment

To change the expense category assigned to a payment, I can go to Bookkeep > All payments > my payment > Spend category.

Link expense categories to cost centers

It is now possible to define which expense categories should be available in the list depending on which cost centers has been selected by the requesters.

By default, all expense categories will be set to «apply to all cost centers» which mean that they will all appear for every cost centers selected on the request. To display the expense categories only for some cost centers, click on «Create a new category» and follow the steps.

☝️ The association is only made on the request side, to prevent users from making mistakes when choosing expense categories. It will always be possible to assign all expense categories no matter the cost center in the Payments tab, the All Payables tab and the Prepare tab.

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