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In a few clicks, Controllers can activate Xero on a Spendesk account.

First, you need to choose Xero as your accounting base. Then, connection to Xero is required (log in your Xero account).

Finish with a refresh of your accounting settings and bank accounts set up.

Find all details below.

I. Activate Xero native integration on your Spendesk account

  1. Go on Accounting > Settings

  2. Click on the button "select your accounting base"

  3. Follow the use flow and select "Xero native integration"

  4. Confirm your choice

...Xero native integration is now activated on Bookkeep 2.0!

II. Connect Spendesk to your Xero account

  1. Go on Settings > Accounting

  2. Click the button "connect to Xero"

  3. Follow the connection flow and select the account that you want to connect with

... you're connected to your Xero account !

III. Set up your accounting settings

  1. Go to Settings > Accounting

  2. Click on "refresh accounting settings"

  3. Go to the section Bank account

  4. Set up Spendesk bank account

  5. Set up Bank fees account

... that's it, your accounting settings are set up !

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