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Set up expense accounts - DATEV
Updated over a week ago

Whether you're using SKR 03 or SKR 04, you will be able to use your own chart of account codes with Spendesk. You don't need to add your accounts in Accounting tab if you are not going to use our Prepare and Export tabs, but in order to use them with your own accounts, please make sure to comply with the following DATEV format requirements.

Expense accounts

You can add as many expense accounts as you need on your Spendesk account. However, their format must match the following criteria.

  • Type: Number, no spaces or special characters allowed

  • Number of digits: Expense accounts need to have a certain number of digits (length) that is specific to your Datev set-up. You can see the required length on top of the accounting settings page in Spendesk. For example, if your expense accounts must have a length of 5, all your expense accounts must be in the range of 10000 - 99999.

👉🏻 About asset accounts

Capital asset accounts can be used as expense accounts and some of you might use them. The difference to regular expense accounts is that they are of shorter length and therefore need to be prefixed with zeros. Thus, they are not in the range of e.g. 10000-99999 and instead can be e.g. 08765. In this case, asset accounts of shorter length need to be prefixed with zeros to match the required account length.

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