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Credit notes - FAQ

Questions and answers about your Credit notes feature!

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Can I add two credit notes to an invoice?

No, this is not directly possible in the V1 of the credit notes feature.

There is a workaround available: You can record multiple credit notes for future use, then apply the group credit to a single invoice. This process is supported in V1.

The amount of my credit note is higher than the invoice's amount. How do I manage this case?

We support this case. Spendesk will apply the maximum amount of the credit note to the invoice, eliminating the need for invoice payment. The remaining credit note amount will be recorded on the supplier level, allowing it to be used for future invoices.

How will credit notes be represented in purchase journal exports?

In single-entry file-based accounting exports, the credit note will be treated as a negative payable. For double-entry file-based accounting exports, the amount will be printed with the debit and credit columns reversed compared to normal invoice payables.

Can we cancel a credit note if it's been validated in Invoices > Review?

At this stage no, but you can mark it as "reimbursed outside Spendesk" in the next steps: it will still be visible in your payables, BUT it will not count on your future invoices 💪

What formats are accepted?

The same as for invoices: image and PDF.

Do all requesters see all invoices submitted in the past when trying to link a credit note to an invoice?

They only see the invoices submitted by them. If the original invoice was submitted by someone else, the requester can choose the option "I do not have the reference invoice" on Spendesk when submitting the credit note.

Where can I see credit notes?

You can see them on the All payables tab (filter Type : Credit note) at all times, and on Invoices > Review and Bookkeep > Prepare / Bookkeep > Export if they haven't been exported yet.

Are there use-cases you don't handle?

During our discovery, we only identified these 3 main use-cases. If you are using credit notes for other use-cases, feel free to report them to our support team: so they can communicate them to our product team.

Are credit notes available on all billing plans?


Are credit notes supposed to follow the approval flow?

No, they're auto-approved.

In an invoice payment, how do suppliers see a credit note was applied?

They should have the history (of the balance) on their end. During the beta it seems that no supplier commented on this.

Credit notes are available to file-based-export users, DATEV, Sage, Cegid, what about Xero and QBO?

We're looking into it: in the meantime, you can of course use this workaround:

  • add the credit note to an invoice or to the next invoice from this supplier if the first invoice has already been prepared.

  • edit the invoice's total on Spendesk if it is still possible, or on your accounting software directly if it's already been exported. In this case, also add the credit note to the invoice document on your accounting software. 📗 Adding the credit note as a second piece can be done, depending on the status of the request, in All requests or in Invoices - Review.

How can I add the credit note number to my purchase journal export?

Go to Settings > Exports > Your custom export and add the column Credit Note number.

How do I handle credit notes when they've been saved for future application but that in the end, the difference will be or has been reimbursed outside of Spendesk?

Go to Invoices > Review, click on the invoice, click on "..." then "Manage credit notes". Then, click on the "-" sign and "save changes".

How do I know which invoice a credit note refers to?

Go to the All payables tab, filter by type = Credit note. Select the credit note. Check the "reference" invoice number.

Then, search in All payables for this invoice: you can type the supplier name, CTRL+F and type the invoice number in the search field that opens.

How do I know which/how many credit note(s) have been applied to an invoice?

You can check which credit note is assigned to which invoice from the "Invoices > History" tab, by clicking on the relevant invoice and then checking the sidebar on the right.

Where can I see credit notes?

In the "All requests" tab.
Once they're validated, in the Invoices tab.

An invoice was validated before the credit note linked to it. How should we proceed if we don't plan to have further invoices from this supplier in the future?

What we recommend in this case, if your credit note is still present in 'Review', is to download the invoice for payment via .csv (instead of 'pay from Spendesk', for example) and not to use this .csv file, so that the invoice appears as paid on the app. Then adapt its amount from your export or remove it if the credit note covers the full invoice. Then, validate the credit note as "reimbursed outside of Spendesk".

Can I add a credit note on mobile?

Not for now!

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