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Bulk import from 'Settings > Members'
Updated this week

➡️ This feature is only visible to Account Owners and Admins.

It is now possible to invite multiple members, based on predefined fields, on Spendesk! 🚀

Go to Settings > Members and click on "Invite new members".

Then, select "By file upload".

Read before use 🤓

  • The template contains all possible columns with information about what is required and how to use it.

  • The template also contains additional sheets with all cost centers and approval policies listed.

  • Columns are shown only if a corresponding feature is enabled.

The following information is usable for an invite:

  • First name (required)

  • Last name (required)

  • Email Address (required)

  • Roles (optional)

    • identified by name

  • Cost Center (optional)

    • if the feature is enabled

    • identified by name (unique constraint)

  • Approval Policy (optional)

    • if the feature is enabled

    • not uniquely identifiable by name

  • IBAN and BIC (optional)

    • feature flagged

When you have filled the file, click on "Start the import".

We will automatically invite members 🚀

I have an error, what should I do?

We display an error message for the following:

Invalid xlsx structure, User already exists, Invalid email, Invalid role, Cost center not found, Approval policy not found, Missing mandatory information.


  • It's compulsory to add both IBAN and BIC.

  • If only the IBAN is added and not BIC, it will not be populated.

(Example of error screen)

Example of error screen :

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