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👉 Delegation of wire transfer confirmation
👉 Delegation of wire transfer confirmation
Updated over a week ago

This option is only available for Scale and Premium customers.

We are introducing a new capability giving the Account Owner the ability to delegate wire transfer confirmation to certain Controllers.

If your banking provider is Spendesk Financial Services (EEA) or Adyen (UK), the Account owner will be able to grant a specific right to confirm outgoing wire transfers.


Head to 'Settings' > 'Members' > Member profile > 'Additional right' section > Confirm payments and Save changes 🎉

Once this right is granted, this Controller is able to confirm any wire transfer (both for expense claims and invoices) without any amount threshold.

There is no limitation on the number of controllers to which the Account Owner can grant this additional right.

💡 The Account Owner is still able to confirm wire transfers, in addition to these controllers.

Screening required

👉 Every user who has access to a payment method must be screened beforehand, as it is currently done for cards.

What does this mean?

If an Account Owner grants additional rights to some Controllers, we need to ensure these Controllers are also screened.

Therefore, if the Controller hasn't already been screened for cards, they'll be asked to provide their Place of birth + Date of birth before confirming their first wire transfer.

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