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🔕 Set up your notifications on your profile

Turn on/off general email notifications, and learn to know our notifications by role/permission.

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There are two types of notifications on Spendesk : 

  • some notifications are general and relate to your account's activity (payments, missing receipts...) and personal use (cards and requests). These are email notifications.

  • The second category depends on your role (Account owner, Controller, Administrator or Requester) or permissions (i.e Team approver). These notifications can be sent by email, push notification, Slack...

1) General notifications (Cards statuses, statements, low funds, sign-ups...)

🔕 Depending on your role, you can activate or deactivate these general notifications from your Settings tab, or by clicking on your Avatar (top right corner) > My profile > Notifications.

Emails sent to REQUESTERS

  • Physical card statuses (blocked, cancelled, marked as lost...).

  • Payments with a physical card.

  • Expired cards.

  • A weekly activity recap  

  • An email when they are added to a "rule on receipt" or if a rule on receipt is updated

Mobile notifications sent to REQUESTERS

  • When a payment is refused (card is blocked, limit is too low, etc.)

  • When a new payment or refund is done

  • When a withdrawal is done

  • When there is a card pending activation

Emails sent to other roles (CONTROLLERS, ADMINS...)

  • a member sign-up.

  • A physical card activation.

  • Cards blocked, cancelled or marked as lost.

  • Missing or uploaded invoices/receipts.

  • Account statements (every month) 

  • Low funds on the account.

2) Notifications related to Requests

 👉🏻 These notifications cannot be turned off. They are automatically sent.

Notifications sent to REQUESTERS

  • Requests' status (approved, commented or refused) by email or Slack.

  • On Tuesdays, a recap of the expenses is sent for missing receipts (by email and Slack, if your company Slack is linked to Spendesk).
    👩🏻‍💻Account owners and Admins can set the day and time of this notification for the team.

  • On Friday, requesters receive an update of the expenses validated or refused by the Finance team or Team approvers (by email).

  • There’s a notable exception for expense claims: request status are not sent by email (but will be sent via the app push notifications or Slack)

    🚨Please note that no email is sent if there is nothing to validate/refused/validated.

    🚨No email is sent regarding purchase orders.

Notifications sent to CONTROLLERS

On Mondays at 2PM, Controllers receive an email recap of :

  • expense claims that haven't been approved yet.

  • Expense claims that have been approved but not reimbursed.

  • Invoices to approve (unless there's none to approve).

    🚨No email is sent regarding purchase orders.

Notifications sent to TEAM/COST CENTER APPROVERS

  • an immediate Slack and mobile app notification for expense claims, and Slack notification for mileage requests.

  • for a card top-up request, an approver should receive:

    • an email

    • a push notification if they have a device with the Spendesk app connected.

    • a slack message if they have the Slack integration activated.

  • On Mondays, a recap of expense claims that haven't been approved yet. No email is sent if there's nothing to approve.

  • Virtual cards requests and invoice submission/purchase order requests are sent automatically by email when generated by requesters.
    🚨Please note that no email is sent if there is nothing to validate.

👉🏻Learn more about Roles.

👉🏻Learn more about General Notifications.

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