It usually takes between 1 and 5 days for funds to be available on your wallet.

When the banking details provided in the transfer order are incorrect, the processing time may take longer, and funds may even be automatically rejected by our Banking Partner.

In this case, you will have to initiate a new transfer request while filling the correct banking details.

Most of the times, funds are being rejected when the entered beneficiary name is wrong.

If the 'Beneficiary' is listed as Transact Payments Ltd:

Please ensure to:

  • fill in the reference of your Spendesk account in the field "Reason or Description of payment" and not "Payment reference" (Information to which our Banking Partner does not always have access).

  • Add the right beneficiary (do not put the name of your company because the transfer order could be automatically rejected)

If the 'Beneficiary' is listed as your company:

Make sure to specify the right beneficiary name (do not put "Spendesk" or the name of our Banking Partner because the transfer order could be automatically rejected).

Check your funding details

Head to Settings > Account for the Wallet funding details (by transfer).

⚠️ Important:

If this is not the case, we invite you to contact our financial team ( and make sure to provide them with your transfer order. We will then be happy to investigate the matter.

Our banking partner will not accept transfers made through third-party services like Transferwise, Western Union, IbanFirst and other similar neo-banks.

If all of your information is correct and your transfer hasn't arrived after 7 days, please write us an email at with your transfer confirmation and we shall look into it.

Transfer made in the wrong currency

You made a transfer to add funds to your Spendesk account, but you’ve realized you had entered the wrong currency OR the wrong account reference?

Unfortunately, it is impossible for our Banking Partner to exchange your funds to another currency. Thus, we will be obliged to order the return of your funds to the issuing bank account.

Therefore, we invite you to make a new transfer order after ensuring that you have correctly filled in the banking details.

For more information, please contact our financial team at

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