Request your virtual card

  • Go to your account and click on "Requests".

  • Then "Make a New Request" > "Request a Virtual Card".

  • You can choose between a single-use card and a recurring payments card.

  • Fill in the information related to your request (amount, description, supplier...)

  • When you're ready, click on "Confirm my request".

  • Once you've successfully submitted your request, it will either be automatically approved or sent to approval depending on your approval policy. You should receive a notification once approved.

  • Then, head back to the "Requests" tab.

  • Click on "Get card".

  • Pay online as usual, by entering your card numbers, expiry date, cvv code and billing address.

  • Some transactions will require a 3DS-confirmation which is why we ask you to fill your phone number on Spendesk.

Always put a slightly higher budget

Suppliers can only charge what's loaded on the card. We automatically add €/$/£2 to cover extra fees. Still, you should always round the requested amount up to the nearest euro/dollar/pound. The remaining funds go back to your Wallet as soon as the payment is settled.

Quarterly / yearly budgets

Recurring payments cards are valid for 4 years and you can make multiple payments within your monthly budget.

Unfortunately a yearly/quarterly card budget is not currently something we offer. At the moment, we only offer monthly budget. If you have a quarterly or yearly subscription to pay, you can still set up a recurring payments card and pause it between two payments. If you forget to unpause it before the next attempt, we'll send you an email.

👉 Check out our article about subscriptions cards best practices to know more.

Cancel your request

You've requested a virtual card but in the end, you are not using it? No worries, you can cancel the request. The money loaded on the card goes back to your company's. wallet.

Head to the Requests tab: tick the box on the left side of your request. You can select several at a time if needed. A "Cancel" button appears on the top of the page: click on it and you're done!

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