➡️ Transfer your subscription's ownership

Don't want to delete your recurring payments card but don't want to manage it anymore? Give it to another Requester!

Updated over a week ago

Only Account Owners, Admins and Team Managers can transfer a subscription from one member to another.

If you are the subscription owner, ask them to make the change for you. Spendesk team can't do it on your behalf.

To transfer a subscription to a different member:

  • Head over to the "Commitments > Subscriptions" tab.

  • Select the subscription you'd like to edit.

  • Click on the Edit button.

  • Select the new subscription owner from the dropdown menu.

⚠️ Warning: when you change the subscription owner's name, it doesn't update the cardholder's name. We keep the former owner's name. However, the name displayed in "All payments" will be the card's current owner's name.

👉 If you delete a member, all the subscriptions are automatically transferred to the Account owner. You can reassign them before or later if needed.

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