After you've created a team, chosen a Team Manager, and added members in this team, you will be able to add Team Approvers within this team.

What's a team approver?

An Approver is in charge of approving/denying requests based on a pre-defined threshold within the selected team.

It is not possible for approvers to auto-approve themselves anymore, the approval will go to the next approver in line (if there's one), to an approver with the same rights, or to the account owner.

Approval flows

Add an approval flow

By default, we suggest an approval flow with two thresholds: for example, the Team manager will be notified to approve all requests under 1000€ and the Account Owner will be notified for all requests above 1000€ that require an approbation.

💡 Keep in mind:

  • You can edit the amounts and add as many thresholds as you need. If you want to delete a threshold, a red trash is available on the right corner.
  • You can add as many approvers as you'd like to, regardless of their role(s), in the selected team. Several approvers can be set up to approve for the same amount. In this case, all the approvers will receive a notification and the first one to approve will unblock the payer.
  • It's possible to add a double-approval flow: for the same threshold amount, two members will be notified one after another to approve the same request.In this situation, the request will have to be approved by all the approvers.
  • You can add an approver to a selected team even though the approver isn't a member of this team.

Edit an approval flow

To edit an approval flow: head over to the Teams tab under Settings > Members > Teams, Select the team for which you'd like to add an Approver, click on Manage next to the Approvers section.

🚨 Approval flows apply to both virtual cards and physical ones (when trying to do a one-off top-up, from Cards > Top-Up separately from the monthly budget). For plastic card top-ups, a random team approver is assigned amongst the user's approvers if they're part of several teams.

Delegate your approval rights

🌴 When needed, any approver can delegate their approval rights. To enable this, they will need to navigate to their avatar.

From there, look under My profile > Delegate approval rights. Click on Delegate your approval rights temporarily while you're on leave and follow the instructions.

Let us know when you come back!

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