There are several ways to log in without a password:

Log in via Google authentication

If you choose to log in with Google authentication, allow yourself to:

  • never worry about forgetting your password

  • connect to Spendesk in 2 clicks

It is not possible to log in with your email address and password if you previously created your account with Google authentication. Indeed, by choosing this option you never created a password so cannot change it. You'd have to sign in via Google and then add a password on your profile first.

Log in via Microsoft connect

Select "Continue with Microsoft" on the login page.

Type your Microsoft credentials on the pop-up window and proceed to log in.

You can login in 1 click using your Office 365 account!

Log in with SAML SSO

Your company uses SAML Login — enforced level or not.

Enforced level is activated

You will only be able to connect via SAML SSO.

Enforced level is not activated

You will be able to connect via SAML SSO and another type of login (Google authentication, Email and password...).

Users must have a shared email address between Spendesk and the company's identity provider.

The SAML-SSO feature is a paying option that is not activated by default in your account. In order to know more about its price & the conditions of activation, please reach out to your dedicated Account Manager or the support team.

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