You have to pay for a higher subscription? You are spending less money than expected on your subscription? Check how to change your recurring payments card's monthly budget.

To change the budget of a Recurring Payments card:

  • Head over to your "Subscriptions" tab

  • Click on the specific subscription you'd like to edit.

  • From there, you can manually increase or decrease your budget.

Any budget increase is subject to approval whatever is your spending policy. Whereas any decrease in the budget will be auto-approved.

After the approval, only the increased amount is loaded on the card. At the beginning of the following month, we reload the card with the entire new budget.

Your payment failed due to a lack of funds?

If the charge exceeds the card's budget, you are automatically notified by email. You are then able to edit your monthly budget. Usually, the merchant tries to charge the card in the couple of days after the first failed attempt. You usually don't need to process the payment again.

Check on your Subscriptions tab to see if your card is reloaded

👉If the gauge is green, it means that your card is sufficiently loaded according to your defined budget. Contact your merchant to ask why your card wasn't charged so far.

👉If the gauge is red and no payment has been made that month, it means that your card wasn't automatically reloaded at the beginning of the month. Check if you have enough funds on your Wallet to load your cards.

👉If you need an urgent card reload and you have spent your monthly budget, but you don't want to update the card budget for this month, check with an Admin that you can spend again and contact us to reload your subscription.

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