🦾 Change your subscription card's monthly budget

Recurring payments cards are flexible to match your needs.

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You have to pay for a higher subscription? You are spending less money than expected on your subscription? Check how to change your recurring payments card's monthly budget.

💥 Please note: on prepaid cards, the money is actually loaded onto the card, on debit cards the amount displayed is a spending limit that depends on the company's Spendesk wallet being loaded correctly. To find out whether you have a debit or prepaid card, click here.

Change the budget/Spend limit of a recurring card

  • Head over to your "Subscriptions" tab

  • Click on the specific subscription you'd like to edit.

  • Click on "Manage subscription".

  • From there, you can manually increase or decrease your budget / limit of spend.

Budget increase / limit increase can be subject to approval, depending on your monthly spending policy, whereas any decrease in the budget will be automatically approved.

If you increase your monthly subscription budget from 100 to 150 euros and have already spent 100, you will see 50/150 euros available on the Subscriptions tab / card.

Payment failed for insufficient funds

If the charge exceeds the card's budget/spending limit, you are automatically notified by email. You are then able to edit your monthly budget. Usually, the merchant tries to charge the card in the couple of days after the first failed attempt. You usually don't need to process the payment again manually.

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