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🤔Why has the reimbursement transfer failed?

For accounts that have activated refunds via Spendesk

Updated over a week ago

If your transfer has failed, make sure that:

  • There's enough money in your wallet to process this transfer. You can check on your Dashboard page or in Settings > My Wallet. If not, you can add funds.

  • Make sure that the supplier or employee have correct bank information filled in Spendesk: Settings > Members > members' profile (if you need to edit it, click on "edit profile") or Settings > Accounts payable (for suppliers).

(Only for supplier invoices 🏓 )

When a wire transfer fails, Finance teams (controllers and AO) can see it from the Schedule step, look at the reason and reschedule the transfer.

The feature is available to any customer paying invoices from their Spendesk wallet - EUR and GBP wallets.

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