This feature is available for Account owners and Controllers. Xero users don't have to use a custom export as their payments are pushed to Xero.

Select your custom export

Go to "Settings > Exports >Templates" and select the one you want to use to export your payments. If you don't select any, the Spendesk purchase journal is used per default.

You can also remove one of your templates by clicking in the cross icon in the right section, and edit it if you want to make a few changes by clicking on the pen icon.

Use your export template

Go to "Payments" and whatever export you do, your template is automatically used.

As a reminder:

  • Payments > All: pending or settled transactions can be downloaded even if they have already been exported and bookkept.
  • Payments > Export: your payments are prepared and ready to be exported. They haven't been exported before. 👉 More information on our export feature.
  • Payments > Exported: your payments have been exported, but you can still download them. Be careful, you cannot edit them on Spendesk once exported.

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