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☊ Missing receipts: send reminders
☊ Missing receipts: send reminders

As a Controller, find out how to collect missing receipts thanks for automatic and custom reminders

Updated over a week ago

This article is aimed at Controllers and Account owners.

Thanks to our feature Play by the rules, you shouldn't have to send a lot of receipt reminders to your users at the end of the month! However if you are still struggling with some missing receipts, here is what you can use. 😊

Send custom reminders

When you prepare your payments, we automatically divide payments with a receipt and the one without a receipt to help you identify the missing one.

From there, you have different options:

  1. Send a custom reminder: click on "Send reminder" and edit the email content. You can only them it once a week and we'll let you know when the last custom reminder was sent. You can send custom reminder even if the Requester is receiving automatic reminders.

  2. Upload the receipt yourself.

  3. Mark the receipt as "missing": it means the Requester won't receive any more notification but still there will be no receipt attached to the payment. This option can be used in case the receipt was lost or not provided.

⚠️ If the receipt provided is not the right one, you can declare it as invalid by clicking on the 3 dots "..." button. The Requester then receives an email notification.

Automatic reminders to collect missing receipts

First of all, as soon as a Requester makes a payment, we send an automatic notification as a reminder. They have different ways to submit their receipt.

Automatic reminders tends to be less effective than setting up a rule on receipts: users will receive an email every week and might not notice it after a while.

If the user doesn't have a rule on receipts, you can still send them automatic reminders every week. You can change the day and time of sending in Settings > Notifications.

🔴 It's not possible to have automatic reminders + a rule on receipts set up. 🔴

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