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📑 Download your payments and/or receipts

As a Requester or a Team manager, get a quick overview of your spending on Spendesk.

Updated over a week ago

You are able to download your own payments but you can't download your colleagues' payments unless you are a Team manager/Cost center owner, account owner, or controller.

To download your own list of payments and receipts:

  • Log in to your Spendesk account.

  • Go to Payments.

  • Tick the white box to select the payments you want to download. You can also use our filters.

  • Click on the Download with receipts button (unless you don't need the receipts).

  • We create a .zip archive with your payments and receipts.

In this archive, you find different documents:

  • A recap of all of your payments made with Spendesk.

  • Your receipts added on Spendesk if you choose to download them.

The columns in the file are:

  • the payment authorization date

  • the settlement date

  • the month of payment

  • the team member's name

  • the team (if any)

  • cost center

  • Payment description (information sent by the merchant)

  • Supplier

  • Payment method

  • Type of line (payment, other...)

  • The amount in local currency and the local currency

  • The amount in debit and credit

  • The currency

  • The status

  • if a receipt is provided or not

  • the name of the receipt

  • the analytical code (if any)

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