🖍 Manage physical cards' budget

How to manage one's card budget, as an Administrator (or Account Owner) or user.

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There are 3 different ways of funding a Spendesk physical card and managing its budget.

Define a monthly budget

👉🏻 Admins and Account Owners can set up a monthly budget when ordering the card, or after it's been activated.

To access one's monthly budget, head over to the Cards tab.

Administrators have a view on the cards of the company, and Requesters on their own card.

The monthly budget is the amount set on the card. It is reloaded automatically at the beginning of the month (in the case of debit cards, which start with 5356, only the limit is updated, the cards are not 'loaded').

This budget is pre-approved by an Administrator, therefore it can be much higher than the approval policy set up in Spendesk.

Top up the card

In some cases, physical cards are only used occasionally. Then it's preferable to raise the card limit with a simple top-up.

To do so:

- As a Requester

  • head over to the Card tab.

  • Select Top Up.

  • Depending on your approval policy, the top-up request will be instantaneous or will require approval from your approver.

  • Once approved, your physical card will be automatically credited with the new funds.

- As an Administrator

  • head over to the Cards tab.

  • Select the card that you want to top up.

  • Select Top Up.

  • (only for prepaid cards) If the wallet available amount allows it, the physical card will automatically be credited with the funds.

  • In the case of a debit card, the limit of the card is raised (the card is not 'reloaded' with the funds but if they're available on the company's account, the user can use the card up to its limit).

Combine a monthly budget and top-ups

If you happen to spend your entire monthly budget but still require additional funds, you can always request a top-up for your card.

This will enable you to continue using your physical card before the beginning of the following month.

👉🏻 You can refer to the first two sections above for more details about the monthly budget or topping up.

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