↑ Top up your card / ask for a budget increase

Learn the steps to top up your card.

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If the physical card's monthly budget was used entirely before the end of the month and/or if the member needs to spend more than the predefined budget to make a specific purchase, then they can ask for a top-up.

Approval policies apply to both virtual cards and physical ones.

Top up your card as a Requester

  • Go to the Cards tab on desktop (or your mobile app - "Add money")

  • Click on Top up.

  • Fill in the amount needed.

  • Give your account owner or approver a short explanation on the need.

  • Click on Top up card.

  • You will get an automatic confirmation of the load, or your approver(s) will have to validate your request first (according to your approval policy).

If you're part of several teams, the top-up request is sent to all of your approvers as a top-up is assigned to no team.

👨🏻‍💻 If a monthly budget wasn't set-up by an account Administrator on your physical card, don't worry, it just means that you can use your physical card doing only top-ups.

Top up a card as an Admin

Simply head over to the Cards tab:

  • Choose the card you want to load.

  • Look at the options on the right.

  • Click on Top up.

  • Fill in the amount.

  • Tap Load.

On debit cards, if you need to lower the card's limit, tap "decrease the limit".

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