⛽️ Pay at a gas station

Learn the usual Spendesk interface behavior when paying at a Gas Station.

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Sometimes, after paying for gas, you might see a higher amount on Spendesk than the amount you actually had to pay. For example, instead of 68 GBP, you can see 150 GBP.

Don't worry!

You won't be charged for what you didn't pay. The extra amount you see is linked to the specific way automatic petrol stations deal with a payment:

➡️ When you use your card at an automatic gas station, the merchant always checks that your card is sufficiently loaded. They make an authorization request. Since the machine doesn't know in advance what you will really spend, the authorization is very often much higher than what you will be charged in the end.

😳 In Spendesk, the authorization appears in real time, in the Payments tab > Pending transactions section. The high amount may seem scary at first, but the merchant then charges your card a few days later with the actual amount. The payment will then appear in the 'payments of the month' section with the correct amount.

💳 As soon as the authorization expires (which can take up to 32 days, legal time limit granted to the merchant) the funds that were blocked by the merchant are released and back on your account. You'll be notified via e-mail.

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