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After making a payment with a virtual or physical card, or requesting a reimbursement, you will have to attach a receipt to your purchase on Spendesk. This document is a legal requirement for accounting and tax purposes.


👨🏻‍💻 Credit card tickets, trip or ride details, order forms, purchase orders ARE NOT valid receipts. 🚨

What's a valid receipt?

A receipt or proof of purchase is a document provided by the merchant as record of your purchase of goods or services.

A valid receipt must include the following information:

  • the date of the purchase.

  • The name and address of the supplier.

  • The description of the items purchased including individual prices and quantities.

  • The VAT if applicable.

  • The total price.

4 ways to upload your receipt on Spendesk

- Spendesk mobile app: snap a picture of your receipt.

- On the desktop interface of Spendesk.com: drag and drop the receipt on the related payment.

- By email reply: reply to the Payment Confirmation Email with your receipt attached

- By email forward: forward your receipt to Marvin by email to receipts+yourcompanyid@spendesk.com. Check this email address in the "Payments" section of your company account on Spendesk if needed.

➡️ For more information, read our dedicated article.

Can't provide a receipt?

If the merchant won't give you a receipt, or if you lost it, you still need to report it in Spendesk. Click on the link "Can't provide a receipt" in the payment panel and select the reason.

Refunds are automatically marked as "there might not be a receipt".

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