✂︎ Approve a request on the mobile app

Approve your colleagues' requests on the go from our mobile app!

Updated over a week ago

As an Account owner or a Cost center owner/Team Approver, you can approve your team's requests directly on the go from our mobile app!

  • Open the Spendesk app,

  • Navigate to the Home page,

  • You can see all your team's pending requests under the "To Approve" tab.

  • Tap on the request and you will be able to access the details, as well as approve or reject the request.

What type of requests can I approve?

  • virtual card requests

  • physical card top-ups

  • expense claims

  • mileage

  • invoice request

  • subscription request

  • Per Diems

Edit a request

It is now also possible for approvers/controllers, when part of a request (invoice or expense claim) is incorrect, to invite the requester to edit the request so that it can be resubmitted.

This saves time without having to fill in all the fields again.

To edit your request, go to the Requests page.

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