The Submit My Invoice module is a separate feature. To enable it, please ask your Administrator or Account Owner to get in touch with your dedicated Customer Success Manager at Spendesk.

Only Controllers or Account Owners can review invoices.

Review Invoices

To mark an invoice as reviewed:

  • Navigate to the Invoices tab.

  • In the sub-menu, click on Review.

  • The list of invoices to be reviewed is displayed.

  • To check any information regarding the invoice or the supplier, click on the invoice.

  • You can also create a new supplier from the Review tab if needed. Click on Supplier and fill the information related to the supplier (legal name, address, bank details...). Don't forget to save! Next time, you have an invoice from this supplier, you won't have to submit his bank details again.
    👉 Your Customer Success manager can also create in bulk your suppliers, contact us to have more information.

  • When you’re done, click on the Validate button.

  • Alternatively, you can directly tap Reject if needed. The invoice goes back to the Requests tab.

⚠️ Once, your invoice is marked as reviewed, you cannot edit the global amount. You can only edit the scheduled payments, description, invoice details and analytic information.

Want to schedule multiple payments for an invoice?

  • Navigate to the Invoices tab

  • Under the Review tab, select the corresponding invoice

  • In the central column, under the "Payment Schedule" area, look for the small Schedule a new payment line.

  • You should be able to set up the dates and amounts for your invoices.

Once your invoices are reviewed, you can pay them.

Bookkeep before payment

💥 NEW! On Bookkeep 2.0 (the new Spendesk accounting interface, which should be accessible to all accounts in 2021), it is now possible to bookkeep an invoice before payment. Once approved in Invoices - To review, an invoice moves to both the Bookkeep tab and Invoices - Pay tab, allowing you to export payables.

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