Only Controllers and Account Owners can pay invoices.

Pay validated invoices

When you are ready to pay your suppliers’ invoices, head over to "Invoices > Pay".
You can click on an invoice to see more details about the invoice and the request itself.

  • Navigate to the "Pay" tab, select the corresponding invoice payments.

  • Click the "Download and mark as paid" button. Choose between the options: CSV, XML SEPA file.

  • a CSV or XML file will be downloaded to your computer.

  • The XML file download is only accessible for SEPA Ibans and EUR payments. If activated and eligible, XML SEPA format is selected by default.

  • Finally, please upload the XML file to your company’s bank account. Et voilà!

Pay your invoice in several payments

For finance controllers wanting to pay an invoice at several different dates.

  • Navigate to the "Invoices" tab

  • Under the "Pay" tab, select the corresponding invoice

  • In the sidebar on the right-hand side, under the "Payment" area, look for the “Edit payment schedule” action.

  • You should be able to set up the dates and amounts for your invoice.

When your invoices are paid, they move from the "Invoices" tab to the "Payments" tab and are ready for bookkeeping. Any invoice payment is also shown on Invoices > History. Suppliers will receive the funds with the following description "Spendesk + supplier name + invoice number".

💥 NEW! On Bookkeep 2.0 (the new Spendesk accounting interface, which should be accessible to all accounts in 2021), it is now possible to bookkeep an invoice before payment. Once approved in Invoices - To review, an invoice moves to both the Bookkeep tab and Invoices - Pay tab, allowing you to export payables.

History tab

You can view all invoice payments in Invoices - History (on the right of the screen).

You can also look up what mean of payment was used: .csv, XML SEPA?

Can I submit a purchase order?

Yes 🙌 You can have a look at our articles here.

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