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⚡️ Edit/Delete your invoice or invoice payment
⚡️ Edit/Delete your invoice or invoice payment
Updated over a week ago

You can delete an invoice request as long as it hasn't been reviewed by Finance in 'Invoices > Review'.

Case n°1 - The invoice has not been approved, or has been approved by an approver but has not been reviewed by Finance

1) Go to the Requests tab.

2) Select the invoice.

3) Select the Cancel button and confirm.

👉🏻 If the invoice is still in "Review", it can be deleted simultaneously from Requests / Review. It is not possible to delete an invoice already reviewed by Finance.

Case n°2 - The invoice has been approved and reviewed by Finance

If the invoice has been reviewed in Invoices - Review by a Controller and validated, it is no longer possible to cancel it in Requests.

You will have to:

  • mark it as paid

  • then delete it from the .csv export file before importing it into your accounting software.

    If it's been paid by mistake, ask the supplier to send the funds back.

If you are using an integration (Xero or DATEV for example) you can delete it from the software directly, unless it's paid of course (in which case you can ask the supplier for a refund).

Delete an invoice payment from Spendesk

It is not possible to delete a payment from Spendesk.

However, if the transfer has not taken place, you can delete the line from your export.

If the transfer has taken place, request a refund from the supplier. This will 'cancel' the debit with a credit line.

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