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Data available on our Control dashboard
Data available on our Control dashboard

(Admins, Controllers, Account owners)

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Admins, controllers and account owners can go to Dashboards from their Welcome page.

Here is the information that can be found on the Control dashboard.

📗 The list of wallets included in the report

📖 Collection of receipts

Check the ratio of weekly/monthly collected receipts when it comes to company payments, the average days to provide receipt on a payment and the % of receipts collected.

⌚️ List of late receipts

Evaluate the impact of the receipt rules set up by your company (number of receipts/number of days until they're late) by checking which users have a lot of late receipts without being blocked.

You'll find a list with user names, descriptions, payment types and number of days.

🎲 List of active control rules

Have an overview of the control rules you’ve set up with the number of users on each of them.

🚨 Users currently restricted (too many late receipts)

You'll find the name of users that cannot spend using their physical card or request new virtual cards due to too many late receipts. Their means of payments are blocked apart from subscriptions.

⚙️ Users restricted over the last month

Who got restricted over the past month, and how many times.

🔎 Approval process

💆 Requests auto-approved

Easily check if the spending policies set on each user are correct
➡️ How many expenses were auto-approved, and for which amount?

💆 Requests waiting for approval for more than 7 days per approver

  • Identify which approvers are potentially blocking the approval process.

  • Pending requests older than 7 days are displayed here.

Suspicious transactions (number and their %)

You'll find the list of suspicious transactions (for example, mismatch between the payment details and the original supplier name).

You'll also find a graph with their evolution.

Advanced settings on physical cards

💳 % of physical cards with advanced restrictions applied (day/hour or categories)

🚫 List of users with restrictions on transaction categories

User Name / Team / Category name

🚫 Users with restrictions on day/hours

User Name / Days of the week with restrictions

🚫 Rejected transactions because of restrictions

Check which transactions have been rejected based on the restrictions set up on the card / unauthorized category.

Use your dashboard

Download information at any time

  • Select the date range you need, then click on the following icon (depending on which board you want to download).

  • Choose your export format (i.e CSV or PDF) and format (i.e A0, A4...).

✏️ Note that you can choose to arrange dashboard tiles in a single column.

Update information

If you need to update the dates or data, use this icon:

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