📩 Delete an invoice added on a payment

Learn how to delete a receipt in case of a mistake on Spendesk.

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If you have added the wrong receipt to a payment, don't panic.

First, you need to add the right receipt to be able to delete the previous one.

Here's how to replace a receipt:

Delete a receipt on a Payment

  • Go to the "Payments" tab.

  • Select your payment or your colleague's.

  • Click on "Upload another receipt" or drag-and-drop the receipt on the right sidebar.

  • Click on the incorrect receipt.

  • Click on the "trash can" tool at the top left of the pop-up window that appears with your receipt.

It looks like this (see top-left corner):

That's it!

➡️ It's not possible to delete a receipt if you don't add another receipt first.

➡️ It's not possible to delete a receipt if the payment has been exported.

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