Import your wallet loads to Xero
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⚠️ Your loads to Spendesk are not automatically pushed to Xero. You have to add them manually.

  1. In Xero, head to the "Reconcile" tab of the bank account that you used to load Spendesk, and link the wire transfer to your Spendesk bank account.

  2. In Spendesk, download your account statement in .csv format (Settings > Your Wallet > Account Statements)

  3. Keep only the credit lines on the file (otherwise you'll create also the debit values, so you'll have duplicates)

  4. In Xero, upload it on your Spendesk bank account via the "import bank statement" option

If you have an error message saying that data is incorrect when uploading your account statement into Xero, please read this.

The problem is we export CSV with ; separators, but Xero expects , separators.
To be able to upload the file to Xero, the controller needs to:

  • either replace the ; by , in the raw file

  • or open the file on Excel (or equivalent) and export it as a CSV with , as lines separators

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